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Efficient Root Canal Therapy in Winnipeg

root canal therapy in winnipegAt Windsor Park Dental, we provide root canal therapy (RCT) to protect your dental health and preserve your natural smile. Our dentists, Dr. Bobby Goldberg, Dr. Zachary Goldberg, and Dr. Elena Ferrer, understand how tooth pain can be debilitating and are always ready to help relieve your discomfort!

We enjoy crafting confident smiles and strive to help you revive and maintain excellent oral health. If you reside in Winnipeg or any of the surrounding communities, contact us today and schedule your visit.


What is Root Canal Treatment?

root canal treatment to relieve tooth pain and infectionRoot canal treatment (RCT) is a therapy that eliminates infection and helps you retain the remaining natural structure of your tooth. Our dentists start this dental restoration by numbing the affected area and making sure you feel comfortable. First, we check for any decaying portions of your tooth to extract before beginning the actual process. Next, the infected nerves, blood vessels, and tissues are removed from the root canal chamber. We then fill the root with an antibacterial material called gutta-percha to help the tooth heal.

Finally, the disinfected tooth is covered with a porcelain crown to protect the tooth from further damage. This procedure preserves your bite and lessens the risk of tooth and bone loss.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Root canal treatment removes the infection, which in turn relieves your pain. The discomfort you experience results from the infection inside the tooth, not from the procedure.

Will I Still Feel Pain Post Treatment?

winnipeg root canal treatment can provide tooth pain reliefThe pain from the infection will stop. However, you might experience mild tenderness in the next few days. We recommend you avoid putting any pressure on the tooth during the next three days while it heals. You might need an over-the-counter pain reliever for anti-inflammatory purposes.

What Causes Tooth Infection?

Bacteria can accumulate on the surface of the tooth. With time, the bacteria and acids penetrate the outer layer, called the enamel, forming cavities. When cavities are cared for, bacteria continue to move through the dentin and into the inner tooth pulp, where the blood vessels, nerves, and soft tissue is found. Once bacteria reach the nerves, it can lead to other issues.

Signs I Need Root Canal Treatment

When it comes to root canal therapy, a toothache isn’t the only indicator. You will need to consult with our dentists if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Swollen gums near the tooth
  • Severe pain when biting down
  • Sensitivity when drinking cold or hot drinks
  • Darkening of tooth enamel
  • Abscess near the affected tooth

What Factors Determine if I Need Root Canal Therapy or Tooth Extraction?

Root canal therapy is a conservative approach to preserve your tooth roots and avoid extraction.

If an infection is left untreated, serious complications can lead to gum and bone loss, loosening the tooth and requiring its extraction. Tooth removal will save the surrounding teeth and remove the infection before it spreads through the bloodstream to other parts of the body.

7 Top Tips to Avoid Tooth Infection

We recommend you follow these seven tips to help protect your smile from future damage:

  1. Drink plenty of water and chew sugar-free gum
  2. Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day
  3. Brush your teeth in a top to down movement for a minimum of two minutes
  4. Floss once a day, preferably after every meal if possible
  5. Eat a healthy and nutritious diet
  6. Avoid high sugar consumption, especially surgery drinks and starchy foods
  7. Wear a mouthguard when you plan to engage in rigorous sports
  8. Visit us for a professional cleaning twice a year

Tooth-Saving Root Canal Therapy in Winnipeg

At Windsor Park Dental, we provide you with the comprehensive dental services you deserve. Our dentists have the required skills and expertise to carry out successful root canal surgeries for our Winnipeg community. Our friendly staff create a relaxing, positive environment and are always ready to go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. If you or a loved one suffer dental pain or sensitivity, don’t wait, contact us today and schedule your appointment!


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