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Highest Recommendation to Dr. Goldberg and everyone at Windsor Park Dental
My experience with Dr. Goldberg and his staff at Windsor Park Dental was very positive and a real blessing! From the moment I walk into the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the office itself. Dr. Goldberg inspires the utmost confidence by his friendly and caring smile and by his wealth of knowledge, skill, and professionalism. Dr. Goldberg took the time to explain every procedure he was doing. For example, I recently got my teeth whitened and 4 porcelain crowns done by Dr. Goldberg and his assistants. Everyone was very supportive, and thorough when explaining all the procedures clearly and did not pressure me at all. Thank you Dr. Goldberg for the great experience and quality work you have done on my teeth, I can’t stop smiling!!! Kudos and the highest recommendation to Dr. Goldberg and everyone at Windsor Park Dental!- Diane

RateMD, Apr 11, 2017

After going to a terrible dentist for years, i'm so relieved to have found Dr.G!
This man is amazing. His reception staff were patient & kind in dealing with me and my blue cross coverage. His hygenists (I had 2 different ones) were both lovely and took the time to answer the million questions I had about my root canal. The facility is very clean and overall a comfortable environment. Best of all is Dr. G... He is so smart and makes sure that his patient is well taken care of. He was not judgemental and didn't lecture me about why I had a cavity. For the first time in 25 years I actually look forward to going back to the dentist.

RateMD, Aug 13, 2016

I am a 64 year old male who thought his time in the dentist's chair was over. Unfortunately, this was not the case. A blister on my gum over my upper front tooth - which already had a root canal and a crown firmly in place for many years - indicated that there was a serious problem. X-rays revealed that the tooth was cracked to the end and that it needed to be extracted. Without going into great detail, suffice it to say that the only solution was to remove this crown and the three neighbouring ones and replace them all with a single bridge of four crowns. Major work! An appointment was set up. I dreaded the inevitable. However I didn't need to! Throughout the whole procedure, Dr. Goldberg and his staff made sure that I was comfortable - without even the slightest hint of any pain - and kept me informed as to what exactly was going on in my mouth. (I think I relaxed to the point of nodding off!) Now that the initial work is done, I am please to say that it looks fantastic! Dr. Goldberg has arranged for me to come in once a month for him to see that everything is healing properly. No other dentist that I've ever had has ever arranged for such follow-up. Dr. Goldberg's compassion, his knowledge and expertise, and his sense of professionalism make him a truly outstanding dentist. I am so glad I found him and do recommend him very highly.

RateMD, Apr 7, 2015

Very impressed with Dr. Goldberg's professionalism, demeanour and sensitivity to the patient's needs. I sought out(internet) the top dentist in Winnipeg because i was disgusted with work being done on 2 complicated teeth by a dentist who was more interested in collecting $$$ than helping me. Dr. Goldberg, in contrast was very sensitive to my needs and position and was very resourceful in saving a tooth. He was extremely warm and professional and kept me constantly informed about the procedures he was doing (unlike the prev. dentist who did procedures without my permission).Finally the best aspect was that Dr. Goldberg was able to do root canals and other procedures so i was not forced to go to 3 specialists to get the same work done.

DemandForce, Feb 9, 2013

The most amazing experience I had, this doctor is a gem in this city. I went in not knowing what to expect as I got his name from the internet. I had a root canal in really bad shape and most recommendations I got was that it needed to be wrench out but I was desperate to save it so that's what brought me to Dr. Goldberg. I live nowhere near this place and must admit I was skepitcal as to what he would be able to do for me as my own dentist of > 10yrs exhausted all options. To make a long story short, Dr. Goldberg did wonders and I could actually say that he went above and beyond to try to salvage my tooth. Most dentist would have gave in but Dr. Goldberg actually show lots of enthusiasm to the challenge. He's earn my respect & business, I am not one to jump ships especially after 10+ years w/ my dentist and don't plan to unless my dentist retires but I have two kids who will be going to Dr. Goldberg from here on. THANK YOU DR.GOLDBERG, CONTINUE DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST!

Rate MD, March 3, 2012

Very good and she (Dr. Ferrer) knows what she is doing.

RateMD.com, December 10, 2013

I have been a patient of Dr. Goldberg for over 15 years. He has administered several different treatments for me and his knowledge, technique, concern and friendly demeanor has always benefited me tremendously. He has always been very punctual as I have not spent wasted time waiting for my appointed time for treatment. His staff is also reflected very positively in my rating. :)

Rate MD, February 14th, 2012

After some scary childhood dental experiences , I started going to Dr. Goldberg at Windsor Park Dental more than 20 years ago. Dr. Goldberg and all his staff are friendly, courteous and do great work. The office is super clean, and they are particularly great with kids. I now take my daughter there and would definitely recommend Windsor Park Dental, especially for anyone with young children.

AJ - GooglePlaces, April 19th, 2011

I have been seeing Dr. Goldberg for many many years now as well as my three children. Now I have a granddaughter and I will not hesitate to recommend him to her. He is always available for questions and never seems to be rushed. I had to call him on the weekend one time because my son suffered a rash from the freezing of the day before and he was just as pleasant on a Saturday as he is during the week. Excellent doctor!! No need to fear dentists when you have Dr. Goldberg as your denstist.

Rate MD, January 9, 2008

After some awful childhood experiences with an "old school" dentist, I started as a patient of Dr. Bobby over 20 years ago and have never looked back. He is calm, caring and does excellent work. All the staff at Windsor Park Dental are very friendly and the office is spotless. I now take my daughter to Dr. Bobby and would never think of going anywhere else. I would recommend Windsor Park Dental to anyone, especially if they have kids or fear of going to the dentist.

Rate MD, March 29th, 2011

Hi all, Dr. Goldberg is a great dentist and is very calm and reassuring. I was in to his office for a consult for Zoom and left completely satisfied after being told by many other Dr's that I could never have white teeth. He did it and the result were great. I seen Quynn and she stay with you and tell you step by step what is to be expected. Would recommend doing the treatment and ask for Quynn she's nice and will make you feel comfortable. Just thought I should mention it since I just read the groupon and would like people to have the good experience I had.

Rate MD, December 12th, 2010

Kudos go to Dr. Bobby, the only dentist I will EVER let touch my teeth. Always a professional, always in a great mood, and always takes time to chat even though he's a busy man. Been a loyal patient for over 20 years...

Rate MD, May 8, 2007

I had to unexpectedly go to this dentist--the person who referred me to him was another dentist & also made it a point to tell me that he sent his own children to see him. this doctor was extremely punctual, he was so super nice! i was completely @ease!! he 100% knows what he's doing so you don't have to worry about feeling any kind of "avoidable" pain. trust me--i had over 40 dental appts one year, i have had my share of dentists--this is THE one!!

Rate MD, January 25th, 2007

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