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Keeping Bacteria off Your Toothbrush

Sep 27 • 1 minute read

The mouth is part of your digestive system and has its own microbial environment. In that setting, harmful and beneficial bacteria fight to stay balanced. You can maintain a healthy mouth by eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, seeing your dentist regularly, and practicing a vigilant home oral hygiene routine.

It Pays to Keep Your Toothbrush Clean

If you take this special care to ensure your oral health, the last thing you want to do twice a day is to stick a toothbrush full of harmful bacteria into your mouth.

When you finish cleaning your teeth, there may be oral bacteria is left on the toothbrush. Many people are in the habit of washing their toothbrush before use, but this is rarely effective because few people want to take the time to sanitize their toothbrushes.

Effective Toothbrush Cleaning Solutions

Instead, consider some better ways to keep your toothbrush clean. The following methods can be used to sanitize your most important dental tool.

Wash after use with antibacterial soap and rinse well. Allow to air dry in a clean environment.

Use an ultra-violet travel container or bathroom holder. These products conveniently sanitize your toothbrush while they are not in use. There are many options available online.

Soak in Listerine® or hydrogen peroxide. Rinse thoroughly before use.

Use boiling water. If you have been ill, once you are feeling better, either throw out your toothbrush and replace, or boil for three minutes.

Storing your Toothbrush

A medicine cabinet is a better place to store your toothbrush than the sink, due to its proximity to the toilet. If you choose to purchase a UV sanitizing toothbrush carrier, you can bring it with you to and from work or school.

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